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Heljä Brita Repo
Executive Director, Founder, Chair of the Boar
+358 50 5732 221

Roope Takala
Vice Chairman of the Board, DI, Durandal Oy
+358 50 4820 860

Tanja Balabin
Executive Assistant

Jaakko Linkomies
Member of the Board, Sales Director, Stora Enso

Virpi Honkala
Rotary Cooperation
+358 44 4394 800

Matti Naakka
CSR Development Director
+65 97300 190

Merja Roivainen
Research Director
+358 40 7519 793

Asian Green Megacities Association

AGM Finland (Asian Green Megacities Association) is a Finnish organisation of experts founded in 2009. Our objective is to develop CO2-free innovations to building and infrastructure development in megacities and to produce research and product development for the Base of the Pyramid -segment.