Contact us

Heljä Brita Repo
Executive Director, Founder, Chair of the Board
+358 50 5732 221

Roope Takala
Vice Chairman of the Board, DI, Durandal Oy
+358 50 4820 860

Tanja Balabin
Executive Assistant

Jaakko Linkomies
Member of the Board
International Business Advisor

Virpi Honkala
Rotary Cooperation
Rotary international Member of the Board
RI Director 2020-22
+358 44 4394 800

Merja Roivainen
Research Cooperation
+358 40 7519 793

Matti Naakka
CSR Development
+65 97300 190

Postal address: Itäinen Puistotie 12, 00140 Helsinki, Finland

Register number: 202.313

AGM Finland is an expert organization (NGO) which was founded in 2009. We develop carbon free building innovations including learning environments for developing countries in cooperation with universities and corporations. We see a great potential in large regional planning projects to restrain the climate change as part of global solutions. We take part in conferences and promotions of international organizations.